Can we put sensors from more than one pi on the same page? (I would like raspberry and cherry pi on my plate please :) )


I’m wondering if there is a way of putting sensors from different devices on the same page. I am working on putting together sensing for a number of different machines in the shop, (each of which will have their own pi with cayenne) and I want to have a single dashboard that displays the status of them all on one screen… Possible???



Hey again Eric,

This is exactly what we are working on :slight_smile: We’re planning to release this feature next week. I can’t wait! Keep you updated on this.



thats awesome thats what I was just about to ask.


@eric.warner @mase.hacker This is implemented with latest release. Let us know if you have any feedback!



I pulled my dashboard up and was able to pull together a project in about a minute and a half :slight_smile:. Super excited by this. I have 4 pi’s hooked up (zero, “B”, 2 B, 3 B) and am putting together a board which will give me status of them all and connection indication.

As a side tangent to the original question… Are there any sensors that you have that would display uptime, or would be a heartbeat type display (visual feedback on whether the connection is still live). My thought is to have a dashboard that has status of all my machines and part of that is when the last time data was gathered from a machine. For example if I have an indicator that shows that machine is running (use a gpio digital input) i would like to have an idea of when the last time we got information that it was still running (“it was running 3 seconds ago” vs. “it was running 2 hours ago”).

anyway, great news and thanks for the quick implementation! I have a feeling that this was in the works before I asked, but it was quick either way!

Thanks again!