Rpi's conflicts


Hello Adam
I own two facilities of cayenne in buildings and different nets, in two plates raspberry pi 3, each one was installed with the following rpi:
Machine 1: rpi_xxxxxxxxxx.sh
Email: jxxxxxxl@*******.com
(I’m not sure if the two rpi’s were created by the same email)
Machine 2: rpi_yyyyyyyyy.sh
I am having the following problem:
It is appearing on machine 1, sensor information that I installed on machine 2, my intuition says, that I may have done the same installation with the same email address on the two boards, if it is, has solution ???

Maquina 1: rpi_xxxxxxxx.sh – (login com este email: c****o@x********al.com.br)

Machine 2: rpi_yyyyyyyyy.sh- (login with this email: jo**l@.com)

thank you!!!

machine 1: (0) sensors
machine 2: (02) sensors DS18B20
machine 2: (01) sensors Dht22


Hello @josecarlospaitl and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I edited out the Cayenne tokens and email addresses from your post to protect your privacy since this is a public forum. It looks like this might have been intended to be a private message? Let me know and I can delete the post entirely if you want.

As you’re probably aware by now, we’re having some unexpected downtime. So we’ll need to hang on before we troubleshoot any further. Is the issue here the duplication of that ‘DS18B22’ sensor? How many are actually connected to the Pi?