Can we run a private Cayenne Cloud component?


Does Cayenne plan to release the “server/cloud” component? It would be useful if this was available on github so that we could run our own cloud and not depend on Cayenne servers. One reason for this would be to roll our own private “cloud” server to connect to and have full control over.

I know that Blynk app has both the client and server components available on github, which is very similar to Cayenne but I do like the ease of use of Cayenne.

I guess where I am trying to get at is, I would like to run my own private server on the LAN that I could connect to using the mobile app over WiFi and control stuff even if there is no internet connectivity. It would be great to have something like this.

Hi @mirza.dedic,

This has been a frequent request coming from the Cayenne community. We do have plans to allow for Cayenne to be run on local servers. This is farther down roadmap behind opening up the Cayenne API. So, it’s a matter of time at this point. Hope this helps!


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