Now Live! Cayenne REST API for application developers

:wrench: :computer: Calling all Cayenne community developers! :iphone::hammer:

Our dev team has been hard at work! I’m proud to announce the latest expansion of the Cayenne platform: a REST API which we’re branding simply the Cayenne API.

The goal is to allow developers to build their own custom web application or mobile app using the power of the Cayenne Cloud to drive the app’s IoT interactivity and device logic.

If you’ve been using Cayenne for a while and desiring most customization or specific features, the Cayenne API is the perfect opportunity to build your own custom UI and application logic while letting us deal with the hard work of IoT device connectivity and interaction.

If you’re new to Cayenne, you’ve showed up an exciting time in our development where you now have the option to choose between a solution wholly built and hosted on the Cayenne Dashboard, or the power of a custom application built using the Cayenne API as a core component.

Interested in participating in Beta and developing your own app with this new API?

The Beta is now live and available to all Cayenne users via the green ‘Create App’ button at the top of your Cayenne web dashboard:

We’d love to know what you’re building with this new API and get your feedback on desired features, bugs, and usability. Please use the REST API category on this forum for that purpose, and feel free to make as many threads as you’d like.




If you are able to get Cayenne working on Intel Edison, please please let me know!


Okey. I will try this weekend, and as soon as you run the service :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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This may allow the Uno WiFi modules to run as I’ve seen them interfaced with REST.




Excelent sirs. That is exactly what it we need to interconnect with all the devices who talk http post get so we can join all together in the same system with the MQTT and LORA ( have only seen all the protocols in ubidots).
We will be waiting for the feature test and share results.
Thanks for the work.

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Good Job! :smiley: I would like to make a tutorial of making an application with thunkable/ai2 with this api, to teach beginners to do an easy IoT app.

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Looking forward to it.

I connect it, but using python and mqtt. I will try also with node.js :slight_smile:

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Bumping this thread to let you know that this API is now live (it has been for a few days, you may have noticed the Create App button on your dashboard before this announcement).

Woow :slight_smile: I will test these days and maybe make a some step by step tutorial with the Intel Edison :slight_smile:


so excited… :slight_smile:

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I. Can. Hardly. Contain. My. Excitement.




Please correct me if I´m wrong but what I have seen from the API is that it is Northbound interface, lets say, we can extract device info in order to develope our own GUI etc… I haven´t seen that we could generate HTTP/GET-POST Southbound traffic from a device with this interface, is that right?

I am having trouble to get the oauth2.0 token. I was using chrome postman. Is there any one can help me? Thanks

@xiaozhiyong1988 is this the same issue you had in this post?

Tagging @hcortes as I’m not familiar with this specific terminology

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Yes it is. Thanks.