Cannot add/drag TSL2561 tile to the new dashboard

I cannot drag the TSL2561 sensor to the new dashboard I created. It showsthe Circle/X and wont let me drop it there?

It lets me drop all the mqtt tiles and every other single tile from the raspberry pi but the TSL2561?
Is this a known bug?
How do I get the TSL2561 to show up on my second/new dashboard I am making?

Also side note is there a way to get the banner off the top for a monthly fee or anything?

this is because you have added device using Bring Your Own Thing. For BYOT devices you need to send data from the code using Cayenne.virtualWrite(channel, data, "lum", ''lux'); this is automatically populated your dashboard with a TSL2561 lux widget.

What banner are you talking about?

Maybe he wants to have a full screen dashboard. You can try the project sharing feature.

yes on the sharing feature it still shows “my devices” at the top left. I was wondering why there isnt a paid version that can do the sharing and put your own banner up there.

i will put this forward to the team and let you know about this.
now you know why your device is not visible for TLS256.

I got the tls added on the app, BUT I could not go into the settings for it to change the name it would crash the app. I could not go into the settings so that means once I added it to the “project” i could not delete it from the project.

I ended up deleted that project because the name of the TLS was basic, renamed it on the pi its hooked to then created a new project and threw all of the devices to add back on the new project from the phone app.

are you using BYOT or pi agent 2.0?