Can't connect Arduino Yun Shield to Cayenne


I uploaded the GenericDigitalOutput example and when I opened the serial monitor everything looked fine but then it gets stuck at:
[10730] Getting IP…
Any tips?
EDIT: I am using an An Arduino Uno connected to an Arduino Yun Shield, the official one.


I was using CayenneEthernet, but when I switched it to CayenneYun it worked


Hey @isaacr100, welcome to the Cayenne Community. Glad you sorted it out. I actually didn’t know if the Yun Shield would work with that sketch which was designed for the standalone Yun, but it’s excellent to hear that is does.

What sort of project are you up to?


At the moment I’m just tinkering around and trying out all the features of Cayenne. Right now I’m trying to connect my TMP36 sensor to Cayenne so I can monitor the temperature of my house from anywhere!


Cool, let us know if we can be of any further help.

If you didn’t find it already, we have an Arduino tutorial for the TMP36