Help connecting Arduino Yun with Cayenne


I´m working with the Arduino Yun, as now Cayenne recognize it, now I´m trying to put an actuator a Relay, I did all the program is in the Yun, But when I send the instruction the Cayenne’s software writes a leyend that I’m OFFLINE.
I checked my internet signal and all is ok.
But I can´t make the conection.
I also try to connect an Arduino Uno with a WIFI SHIELD, I put inside the software with the name of my internet conection and my password, and when I send the instruction to connect to Cayenne a circle rotates but never do the conection., Thanks.


Hi @fleivag,

Sorry for the late response here. I have been away at a big tech conference in Barcelona Spain showcasing Cayenne :slight_smile:

Hmm, could you post the code you are using? For the Arduino Yun, you connect to WiFi prior to uploading Cayenne code. So once you upload Cayenne code the Yun should already be connected to the internet.