Cant get a token

I’m trying to use a modemcu esp 8266. Ive got the sketch and can put in all nework info. my problem is where do u get the token??? the dash board give me all the info for mqtt but no token.please help ive been at this a while

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I suggest to you to watch the video and read this thread. There is shown everything step by step.

For connecting your ESP8266 via MQTT (the officially supported method, and what is in that video), you shouldn’t need a token, the sketch should instead have spaces for a MQTT Username, MQTT Password, and Client ID, which you’ll get after adding the device via Add New > Device/Widget > MicroControllers > Generic ESP8266 on the Cayenne web dashboard.

If you’re connecting your ESP8266 with a sketch that is looking for an ‘auth token’, then add the device via Add New > Device/Widget > MicroControllers > Arduino, and it will give you the token there. You don’t have to pick any Arduino from the list, just advance to the screen with the token and connect your device – upon connection it will advance to a blank dashboard. This is how users were connecting ESP8266 devices before our official support via the MQTT API, and should work fine if you prefer it.

Hi, I’m sorry if this is an old thread but I have been trying to get a token using the technique you have described (through the Add New > Device/Widget… method) but when I click on Arduino I redirected to a blank screen with no token. Am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance!

Token method is discontinued and has been replaced with MQTT. you can find the MQTT credential on the cayenne dashboard when you add a new device.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up

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