Cant select Device when trying to add PCA9685


I want to add a PCA9685 to my Cayenne dashboard using Raspbarry Pi.
I connected it following the tutorial, but when I try to add it I can’t chose the Pi

does anybody know what to do?

Thank you all

Extension boards are currently not supported with Pi agent 2.0. Have a look at this Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0

Thank you for your answer. Just to get i right, I can’t add it just by wiring and drag and drop?
Sorry for the question I’m just starting…

yes you are right. you can use cayenne MQTT python library GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python: Python Library for Cayenne MQTT API and control the PCA9685 using it .

Ok I’ll try. Thank you

Hi I tried to fix it with python on my raspberry, but with the code i get back following error:
SyntaxError multiple statements found while compiling a single statement.

I Added the correct

What am I doing wrong?

can you post the entire error output.

Do I have to add the code in GITHUB to the console or to Python?

follow the installation guide from the github. Once done with install navigate to examples folder and edit using nano. Add your MQTT credential save and run it .