Help with PCA9685 installation

I have tried to install the 9685 PWM I2C module

Followed these instructions and I have restarted the service ?

Nothing shows up on the dashboard ?

I also ran the log, it shows the PCA is initialized ? but for some reason its not showing up in the Device UI to be added ?

have you installed the pca plugin

Yes I completed all instructions

have you connected your pca properly to raspberry pi?

As Far as I can tell yes

Gnd, 3V to VCC, and SDA and SCL

loaded I2c tools and adafruit libraries also and I have tested python code it is working. I just cannot seem to get Cayenne to recognize it ?

I ran the log, and it shows the PCA9685 ?

so i guess you are familer with python. then you can cayenne python library to control pca with cayenne

I am confused, I thought the device would auto populate and show as a widget that could be added ?

Or do I need to do it differently ?

you can continue using your current setup and we can dig into continously to find what is the issue you are facing and fix it.
Or start new, with the cayenne python library. It is simple and as you are familler with python, this will be even more easy for you.