Cayenne Android App

Hi Everyone,

I have in the past use the Cayenne Android App but had problems with it crashing. This was some time ago, but I would like to try it again.

The this is I cannot find it in Play Store, has it been removed?

Many thanks

we no longer support cayenne app and has been removed from the app store.

Too bad! What can we use to remotely read the sensors? Thanks

I found thank you. It was to be expected that offering your services for free would not be a viable solution for a company. It would be interesting for those with modest needs like me to have a purchase plan based on the resources occupied. Thank you

well, here is the commercial platform Capabilities - myDevices

I only have one sensor, unfortunately your commercial offers are out of my budget. Since I already have the hardware I would like to pay to use your dashboard with my own hardware.

sorry, we dont have a app for cayenne.

I see. If you want to sell the software part and not the hardware, let me know.
Good work.

I might be missing something here, but if you use the project option and customize it for a smartphone you can display and control as needed in a browser.

if on android then you need to turn ON desktop mode in the google chrome browser.

Shramik, something has changed in the last couple of months where that is not required anymore. It’s different formatting on the display if you go to “desktop mode” but it works either way, and is quit usable. That’s why I’m questioning why not having an app is a problem for many.

sorry, but we do not support app.