Android App No Longer Working

Cayenne running on a Pi3. Web interface works fine. Until a couple weeks ago the android app was also working fine.

It’s not now. The app shows my pi and it’s IP address. When I click on it, the app immediately crashes. I’ve tried it on three different phones. 2 are samsung S6 phones, one is a HTC.

I can log into it on my phone through my web browser, but it’s difficult to use. The current app version is 1.2.1-75.

Any ideas?

Hi @imsphd5,

Sorry for the trouble, that’s strange. My initial troubleshooting would be to get the app back to a default state through Settings > Apps > Cayenne > Storage, and the Clear Data & Clear Cache. There is really no harm in trying this, so give it a shot.

However, since you’re seeing this on 3 different phones, I’m not very confident this will fix the issue. It makes me think there must be some state that your account is in that the Android app is just failing to handle. If the above doesn’t work, do you mind PMing me your login information through the ‘Message’ feature you can if you click my name on the forum? This would allow me to investigate with our engineering team.

I would suggest to change it first via so we don’t have any password you’d use on any other site.