Cayenne Arduino Smart Energy Monitor

Hello Lovely Guys,
I am new to this platform for Cayenne, its really a cool application, am currently stuck on a project and i need some help to get it going, i managed to get the relays working as expected, but energy consumption is getting very difficult, i have 6 x ACS712 Hall Effect Current Sensors and one voltage reference to calculated my Power(IV), then from here i have to calculate Energy Consumption (Powertime) which will then be sent to the Cayenne dashboard via a virtual pin.
I would be grateful if someone could help me with the steps or a sketch for my virtual pins which will show the curves on line graphs.
Hardware is ok and ready to go.
Thanks so much.

Are u using Ethernet shield with ardino
?You may use emon librairies from github for measurment of power that will be a good approach

Thanks a lot for your help, yes am using arduino ethernet shield W5100 and have gone through all the preliminary setup for cayenne communication.
I have conditioned my voltage and current for analog pins,but am to add line graph for my energy consumption and this require virtual pin after calculation of energy consumption.
I believe this makes my idea clear.
Thanks once again Hamna?