Cayenne as UI to Arduino WITHOUT Internet?

I am trying to get some grounding here with Cayenne. Looking over forum topics, it appears that Cayenne can only be as a cloud app at this time. My environment is a sailboat, offshore mostly, away from Internet most of the time. I need a UI for Arduino apps that can run on Ipad or Android phone using the WIFI on Arduino as an access point so the phone/tablet connect directly to the Arduino WIFI, no routers, not Internet, the Arduino serving web pages to the phone/tablet. Is that possible yet with Cayenne? (I see as of Aug '16 this functionality was still on the drawing board).

Hi @pete.dubler and welcome to the Cayenne community.

While you’re correct that it has been discussed and is a popular suggestion on this forum, at this point Cayenne is still powered by our cloud servers and there is no offline/local server implementation. If and when that changes at some point in the future, we’ll be sure to announce it in the Announcements section of the forum.