Arduino and Raspberry not accessible when not on local WiFi

Hi, I’ve only recently joined. i am seting up a “Home Alarm System” with the aid of Arduino and Raspberry.

In principle I have everything working and am progressing to the next stage. I stumbled across the “Cayenne” system and gave it a go.

So I have a Raspberry Pi connected via th Iphone App and a Aeduino via USB on my home PC.
I can can add/remove widgets whilst i am at home on the local WiFi. As soon as i am either at work or on another network, I can still login, but the devices appear offline.
I though the intent was this was accessible as a cloud service?
Appreciate any advice,

Yes, Cayenne is as cloud service and you make iterations over the devices through the platform. It does not make sense not to have access to them. Can you try to see if just your devices go offline some time. Some network issues and etc?

Hi, I’ve rebuild the Raspberry Pi and doing some more testing, I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the response, impressive service!



Hello, do we have some news?

Hi, slowly making progress, appears to work fine with Arduino uno connected to pc usb.

Will try tonight to connect Arduino uno to raspberry.



Okey, good luck!

Hi, another update,

I believe the error must have been in the code I uploaded.

I have now rewritten the code, tested via USB on both laptop and raspberry pi.

Both sensors and associated triggers are functional.

I am very impressed with this.

One question, at this point I don’t believe it possible to use “text” as a value output?

As in based on sensor state the Cayenne widget will display Alarm activated, Alarm state normal?

Once my project gas reached a more complete state I’ll upload it.

Regards and thanks,


Hello I believe that text widget is coming soon :slight_smile: