Open a file in Raspberry

Hi im trying to connect Cayenne with a fila on a Raspberry, the sensors are with USB, i dont know how to call the item i need, its python.
for example:[1] that would be 1 of the sensors, but the code location its wrong

still got some trouble
MQTT_USERNAME = b91e27f0-276a-11eb-a2e4-b32ea624e442

you are missing ""

MQTT_USERNAME = "b91e27f0-276a-11eb-a2e4-b32ea624e442"

now i got unexpected keyword argument ´loglevel´

which python version are you using?
you can remove the import logging and , loglevel=logging.INFO

ok im having response now, but now cayenne its sending the data or my Python file is sending to cayenne?

how can i send from the Raspberry file, any data like

or what did cliente.celsius Write(1, i) means, sure its a temperature but how can i write my values?

i am not understanding what trying to convey.

client.virtualWrite(channel, value, dataType, dataUnit)

is used to send data from the device to cayenne.

ok thanks.
Now i need to add different sensors but if i add inside the While True
if cont == 6:
client.celsiusWrite(1, sec1)
client.celsiusWrite(2, sec2)
both of the value (sec1 and sec 2) comes together, and the chart will be only 1, i need 1 for each other.
Also i need to refresh the medition, cuz looks like it repeats the first value but doesnt change in the widget

sorry, but i am not understanding what you are trying to convey.

i need one grafic for each value that im testing, insted, i have 1 grafic for 4 values.
Im testing 14 temperatures

can you share the entire code.

and i need something like this in cayenne, each of the “secadoras” with one chart

timestamp = 0
while True:
    if (time.time() > timestamp + 10):
        client.celsiousWrite(i, value.register[conotador]/10)
        timestamp = time.time()

        if contador == 13:
          ...... rest of the code......

this didnt work, ant idea, i need the values to refresh every 2seg for example, it repeats the value everytime.

Also, still need to make a chart for each other insted of 1 for the 5 values

your code does not match this.