Cayenne Cloud - how to access/utilize


I’m trying to find documentation on using Cayenne cloud can someone direct me to a location with any information.

My scenario is that I am using a RPI with sensor data on my WiFi network and I want to push data to an external (ie. Cayenne Cloud) server that I access using my phone app with Cayenne on the phone. So I could be at work and see my home sensor data using a pc browser with my Cayenne dashboard or my phone with the Cayenne app. I don’t want to have to port through my router at home to get to my RPi data.

Is this possible? If not, how are most Cayenne remotely accessing their home based sensor data?



Cayenne will do everything you have mentioned there. Cayenne doesn’t require any port forwarding, only that the port is not specifically blocked. Sounds like it should be a good fit!


Let us know if you need any help to get going, but like Adam said you basically described the premise of our platform so I think you have a good fit here. What are you planning with Cayenne? Some sort of home automation?


This is perfect except that I have since learned that the MQTT device is not yet available on the mobile apps yet. I am using this for home automation and want/need to monitor several sensors. I currently have the data collected using Python and know how to use MQTT to send the data now to Cayenne, but want to view on my phones. Desperately hoping that an MQTT widget will be available soon to use with phones…?!


It’s in development for both mobile apps (iOS and Android), so stay tuned!


Great news, let me know if you need any alpha/beta testers!


@rsiegel, is there any update on this feature?


Hi @michal.z4nd4r,

MQTT Device support in the mobile apps is almost here! iOS is looking like it will be ready to release this week, for Android it may still be 2-4 more weeks.


That’s great news indeed. I have some MQTT app developed ( maybe worth to share/publish ), so it will be asome to have it also in mobile app :slight_smile: .