MQTT - If I want to create a dashboard without connecting my RPi... must I do so?


So… new to Cayenne… I am going to use the new mqtt library with Python to send data from my pi to Cayenne and display the results on my dashboard… but I was thinking that when I write data to Cayenne, I would be writing to a cloud server (like I do today with ThingSpeak) and viewing that data using the Cayenne app on my phone. Is that not the way this works? When I use the mqtt library calls and push data to Cayenne, must I push that data to the Cayenne installed on my RPi and then read that data from the Caynne app on my phone? I really don’t want to expose my RPi to the world through my WiFi router firewall and was just hoping to send data to a Cayenne server…

Thanks in advance for steering me in the right direction.


Unfortunately the mobile apps do not display mqtt devices yet. It is being worked on and should be available soon.


Thanks Adam. I have posted a related question in order not to confuse this thread.