Remote Access? How are people doing this with Cayenne

I’m curious how people are accessing their Cayenne data remotely? Assuming most users are like me (questionable assumption I know), and they are using a RPi or Arduino on a local WiFi network, how are they connecting to Cayenne when they leave the WiFi network?

This thread is pretty similar to your other thread, and from that one I think you figured it out. But just to confirm, with Cayenne you can view data with a browser or mobile app on Android and iOS.

Hi Adam, yes, thank you. I wasn’t sure I was being clear and kept trying
to ‘strip down’ my question to it’s most basic elements. Great to hear
that it will do this. Now the only thing I need to do is work around the
limitation that seems to be in-place for mqtt devices. I think it was you
(?) that indicated that there is no mqtt device yet that will work with the
phone apps, is that true? For clarity, I have a Python app running
collecting temp data from my DHT22 sensor and I was hoping to write that
data via mqtt to Cayenne and monitor/trend the data via the phone app. I’m
guessing that the answer to this is to simply use the sensor widget to
directly connect the device to Cayenne instead of going through the effort
of my Python code, but would like to confirm.

Hopefully this question is clear…

Thanks again for the help.

You are correct, you cannot see the MQTT device on the mobile apps yet, but it will be listed if you log in with a browser. I have a project here that lists how to set up DHT11/22 with a Raspberry Pi and send the values with MQTT. Feel free to check it out and if you have any suggestions make a post!

Funny, that IS the exact project I was using for my work. Any idea on when the mqtt device would be available on the mobile apps?

That I do not know. I know the Cayenne team is working hard on a bunch of features to be released before the end of the month, but I’m not sure if this is one of them. @bestes can confirm