Cayenne controlled Arduino + 2004 LCD w/ I2C for temp. display


Hello Cayenne Community!

I have a small project in mind involving 3 temp/hum sensors (DHT22), a barometric one, and 5 relay outputs that should control some heating devices/boilers.
Since I am relatively new to this (have done some flashing before for my hexacopter and also I am comfortable with soldering and electronics in general), there are some questions I wanna ask you, so here’s some details.

The configuration I set my mind to was something like this:
• Arduino UNO
• ESP8266 WiFi module (haven’t decided on the exact version, I would go with the shield but I can’t find any Cayenne supported shield available in Romania)
• 3 x DHT22
• Barometric sensor (haven’t decided on one yet)
• 5 x relay Module
• Real time cock Module
• 2004 LCD with I2C interface

Now, I know Cayenne does not support LCDs yet, but was wondering if (and this is a must for the project) I can combine the Cayenne code with some stand-alone code to get the temperature/humidity/pressure & time to get displayed on the LCD. The thing is I’m not that great at programming and I don’t know if this is possible with a fairly low knowledge of this. I also have a deadline for this project since it should be a Christmas present for my parents :christmas_tree:
I also know that the WiFi ESP module is not officially supported, but there are some workarounds posted here – hopefully I won’t get in trouble there.

Please leave some comments on this to advise me about ways I can get this to work.
Greatly appreciated!


you can use simple Arduino library for LCD display . Why you need to use LCD with cayenne when you can use different available sensors and custom widget for those sensors which are not available.

you can use ESP8266 check different projects on this forum designed with ESP module


The LCD will certainly work with code you can use on the Arduino itself, so no issues there. As far as the ESP, the community has only connected a standalone ESP to the dashboard but no one has used it as a shield yet. Sounds like a cool project, let us know how it turns out!


Thanks for your answers!

Anyway, yesterday I had a third attempt to install Raspbian on an old Pi model B rev 1 and it finally stopped crashing in the first 30 sec after the OS launched. I’ve been really frustrated with this board in the past, but somehow now it works fine.
So, since this happened, I will go on with my Pi rather an Arduino platform.
I just connected it to the Cayenne cloud and everything seem fine.

I’ll probably use a MCP23008 to add more GIPOs, since I’ve found some cool sensors like CO level and rain that I’d like to use on this project.

The LCD will still be connected to the Pi via I2C that should be commanded by some software I’ll have to come up with.
If everything goes well, I’ll post it in the Projects made with Cayenne section.

Wish me luck!