Project query


Hello; I would like to know if it is possible to connect through the same project of cayenne 2 esp8266 located in different geographical positions (each with its wifi access)
One would read the temperature
The other would show it in a physical display
If possible, I would like some help or guidance on how to channel it.


you want the sensor value from device A to be shown on LCD connected to device B ?


right, that’s the idea


that cant be done currently using cayenne.


You can always share dashboard with a link to location B without need from user to login.


@Agroelektronik he needs to send data from device A (arduino) to device B(arduino), not from one dashboard to another.


I get that, but if its only to display data to another location, then there is no need for dedicated receiving device.


yup but he wants to display on LCD connected to device B.


If the idea is to have a temperature sensor in the physical location A and to visualize it constantly (without accessing the screen of the mobile or the PC) in another location B. For this user an arduino for the temperature probe in A and another arduino for the display in B.
Thank you all very much for your attention.


If the Arduino with the LCD is connected to the internet you could use a GET request to download the data from the REST API. Here are some links for you to go over: