First of all, which device are you using?

‘marvin LoRa. RN2483’

the network server is TTN?
so lets start with basic code arduino-device-lib/CayenneLPP.ino at master · TheThingsNetwork/arduino-device-lib · GitHub .
Just add your appEui appKey and freqPlan, and see if you get any output in the serial monitor.

Yes. I’ll try to do that now.

@shramik_salgaonkar. I tried the sample code with the ‘status’ and ‘join’ details i’m getting the following output:

Sending: mac tx uncnf 1 016700E1027329EC038807FDD800BEE10000C8
Successful transmission

this is the cayenne LPP format.
01 —> channel 1
67 —> temperature data type
00E1 → data
similarly for others

@shramik_salgaonkar. thanks i understood it. My assumption of expected output was wrong. I’m getting the o/p. I’ll try and implement it to my original code.

Can you suggest me in this regard.?


I meant are there any other formats similar to Cayenne LPP.?

What datatype can I use for inductive sensor from cayenne docs. The function of this sensor is to send a ‘boolean’ payload?

i am not familer with any other. for boolean you can use addDigitalInput with 1 or 0.

sure no problem.

I’ll try this out.

In my original code which I have posted above is it possible to send whole of the payload (payload[10]) in cayenne format. Is it possible to send a datatype which is not there in the cayenne docs?

why are you combining two separate code? there are limited data types and only those are supported.

I’m not combining two separate code. I will still be using only my original code. Before using cayenne I had put all the datatypes into one single payload (payload[6] like this) and used to send to the ttn. I was thinking if I could do that with cayenne format. Can I write one manually which is not there in the list?

you have to build one in this format:- 016700E1027329EC038807. though using this data types Cayenne Docs

I found this for extending dataTypes.


but cayenne LPP supports only the listed in the cayenne lora docs.

I cannot do it manually also by assigning a number which is not used in the list. And then define it in similar fashion.

no, cayenne won’t recognize any other data type and will discard the entire data.
What are you exactly looking at?