Create a new device

Hello all!

I have received a device that is not listed in Cayenne mydevices. I know the Payload format of the devices and I was wondering if I can bring this device to mydevices.

I am using TTN as a server.

Thank you!

John Hunt

if you can change the device payload to cayenne LPP format then the payload can be shown on the cayenne dashboard.

The Payload format from the device is:

[byte 0, 8-bit unsigned]: Number of connected sensors
[byte 1-4, 32-bit unsigned]: UNIX timestamp (unit: s)
[byte 5-6, 16-bit unsigned]: battery voltage (unit: mV)
[byte 7-8, 16-bit unsigned]: air pressure (unit: 0.1 mBar)
[byte 9-10, 16-bit signed]: air temperature (unit: 0.01 °C)
[byte 11-12, 16-bit unsigned]: sensor 1 water pressure (unit: 0.1 mBar)
[byte 13-14, 16-bit signed]: sensor 1 temperature (unit: 0.01 °C)

Where can I change the payload to cayenne LPP format? I cannot change the payload sent by the device. Is there something like a “converter” in the mydevices or in the integration with TTN?

you need to change the payload send by the device, there is no convertor in cayenne.

That is not possible as I have no access to the Payload format.

Thank you @shramik_salgaonkar

you can try getting your hands on a things UNO or an lora development board, connect a sensor which you want, use cayenne LPP to build your payload and show your data on the cayenne. this way you have much freedom on what data you want to show,