Missing LPP basic format (counter, PPM, ...)

Hi There,

I’m using cayenne LPP without any problem for basic data, but how can I add other data types, it looks so limited regard of all cayenne widget.

Let me explain, Cayenne dashboard allow to have lot of widget but in LPP we don’t have too much choice (Temp/Hum/Lux, …) but some basics are missing, for example just a “value” for a counter (int16 or even int32)
Imagine just CO2 PPM value

For now I must use LPP_ANALOG_INPUT for this but on dashboard result is divided by 100, I can multiply by 100 before send, but limit will be 653 (65535/100) so I leave is as is.

Looks below, I’ve got a frame counter, now value is 9 and displayed a 0.09 with ANALOG_INPUT

Any idea or help to just have a value display will be appreciated.

This is a question for @croczey or @eptak :slight_smile:


Hi @hallard04

This is a bit of a limitation of the Cayenne LPP format. We do have plans to scale the payload structure out to support a much larger number of data types. We will be releasing the documentation for this ASAP.

What kind of device are you using?

My only suggestion would be that if you are using a proprietary device that you have created, you can enroll in our IoT Ready Program and submit your device along with the device payload definition (any payload format you choose) and we will build a decoder specific for your needs.

Let me know if you have questions about that or are interested in following that path.



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Thanks for your answer, In fact I’m not using a specific device, I just made some for customers POC. My first need is to be able to send a numeric value such as counter or whatever value. Of course having different ones (8,16,32 bits)

I’ll take a look in the IoT Ready, makes sense.

But my devices are “dynamic” this means that packets can change depending on sensors connected into, that’s why for me LPP is the ultimate solution

I see…In that case maybe it is better if you wait for the version 2 of Cayenne LPP to be released. We are hard at work right now with many new additions to the payload structure!

No problem, I can wait, any release scheduled?
Just to know if it’s matter of weeks, months or years :wink:

I’d say maybe a month or so…But right now I can’t get very much more specific than that.



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Hi @croczey
Any news or approx date on this feature?

Hello. I really need to be able to send custom payloads as well. Specially we have a meter value. Any news on these? Can we help?

Yes I’m also very interested.
I’m busy with reading out my smart meter and want to store the Electric and Gas consumptions in a Cayenne project. But I have been sentenced to LPP and that is only suitable for sensors. Is there already a view of a changeable LPP?

those are the only supported data types. You can send data on generic lpp type for any other data reading.

OK, but … how am I supposed to do that? Is there any documentation of that? Attached how it looks like in TTN


Thanks for reply.
Unfortunately, I can’t get any further with that. I get the Cayenne LPP format as standard and cannot choose another one, but it is only suitable for sensors.
My data consists of 7x 4-byte numbers that I want to present as readable values.
How can I convert the standard LPP for that purpose? Or should I use the Cayenne library in my Arduino software?
I hope you can help…

this is the best way to go.

OK thanks! I will give it a try…

I’m looking if there is LPP for battery status? For now I use analog, but this is not as expect…

if battery status is two-state (low battery or okay) then you need to use the digital input type.

I have in my mind procedural

We dont a battery % and weight datatype on cayenne. You can check the supported datatype here Cayenne Docs