Cayenne + ESP8266 ( Average temeprature)

I want to collect data from 6 temperature and himidity sensors.

Is it possible to show in dashboard the average temperature of all sensors?

you will have to all the calculation on the micro-controller itself and send the average value to cayenne. On the dashboard this is not possible.

I need to measure the temperature and humidity in a large room.
I will measure tem. and hum. in 4 different points. I need to use a ESP8266 for each sensor, because it is a large room.
So i can’t do calculations in microcontroller.

If you have any better idea for my project, please tell me.

you can try this Multiple MQTT Clients on 8266


I i use ESP8266 for each sensor, can i show in a dashboards data of each sensor ?

you can Cayenne MQTT library and this code

If i upload the code (for temperature and humidity )in each ESP8266, will the data of all sensors be shown in dashboard (without using the last code you sent me)?

can you be more specific.

I need to measure temperature and humidity in 12 different points of the building.
I will upload the code for temperature and humidity to each ESP822.
There is not any connection between devices (ESP8266).
I just want to be shown all sensors data in dashboard.

I have these questions:

1.Will all data be shown in dashboard ?
2.How many months or years will data be stored in cloud?
3.In how many e-mails can i sent notifications?
4.How many devices can i use same time ?
5.How many channels are supported for each device ?

First of all try to add a device to cayenne. It is pretty easy.

data is stored only for 1 month