Cayenne Extension for Thunkable/AI2/AppyBuilder NEW:[V2]

Well, some of you are having problems with this tutorial that I posted. As I say in the tutorial, with that pre builded blocks I can’t do more. It has lot of unstability, it is slow and it can be a bit difficult to understand. So, I decided to make an extension for any App Builder like AI2, written in Java. It was difficult to develop because of the extension system, so I hope you like it.
The extension is easier to work with and it (should be) more realiable, fast and it has more stability as it is written in Java. Additionally it has more options like getting the time stamp or the unit of a sensor data.
PLEASE! give me some feedback, and tell me what will be great to add.


3. Open Source! [22/04/2019]
I decided to make the extension Open Source to let anyone improve it!

If you have GitHub account, an Star and a Watch is appreciated, thanks :wink:

2. Version 2.0 [25/01/2018]

1. Version 1.0 [17/01/2018]

  • Cayenne extension created
  • getAuthToken function created
  • getSensorData function created
  • stringToFloat function created
  • stringToInt function created
    Download link here.

All this info is available hovering the mouse above the functions in the block section.

getAuthToken function:
Returns an AuthToken

getSensorData function:
Returns Sensors’s data in String.
SummaryType VALUES:

[latest]: Gets the latest data.


[v]: Sensor data
[unit]: Sensor’s data unit
[device_type]: Sensor’s type
[ts]: TimeStamp

controlActuator function:
Controls an MQTT Device’s Actuator, if it is not MQTT controls may be buged. The function doesn’t return anything, but it calls controlActuatorConfirm, where you can get the confirmation, this is not needed at all. Hint: You can actually send data to a non-actuator widget lol!

Any number

parseTimeStamp function:
Parses the TimeStamp (which you can get in getSensorData function with [ts] tag) and converts it to the value you chose.

[secondComplete]: Returns second with decimals
[firstPart]: Returns day/month/year
[secondPart]: Returns hour:minute:second

stringToFloat and stringToInt functions:
As I don’t know if you can change between data types in these App Builders I created some just to help you.


This is great! Nice job!

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Thank you for posting this!


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great and fast update @Neoxelox i test it now !

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