Cayenne in Maintenance Mode for 10 Minutes - 10am - 11am PST


Cayenne dashboard will be going through some maintenance and will be unavailable for a period of ten minutes between 10am and 11am PST today, 10/12/2016. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

-Cayenne Team


I will place the nuclear reactor offline…


fixing recent bugs?


@ida @HighTech just improving some backend stuff. This won’t happen often. In fact, this is the first time we have gone to a ‘maintenance mode’ since launching Cayenne in January.

We have a very big release coming up with new features and bug fixes in a few weeks :slight_smile:So stay tuned!



Ten minutes you must be joking ten minutes skynet will take over the world :scream:


I checked and it seemed like it was 10 minutes and 43 seconds. You lied bestes!


dashboard down now? can’t access now


I have same problem.


@ida @tad.dvor me too :frowning: We’re investigating right now.



@ida @tad.dvor should be resolved.





worked now. thank you @bestes