Scheduled Cayenne Downtime February 14th, 2017

We’re expecting a short downtime this morning (USA time) while we push some major back-end changes which we’ve been working on to our production servers. While upgrading, the Cayenne website will be in ‘maintenance mode’ during which time you won’t be able to log in to your Cayenne dashboard.

This community should be unaffected, and I’ll post here when the downtime begins and when the upgrade is completed.

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thanks for the heads up. Yeah, when the servers go down- I start spinning, trying to figure out why my device isn’t working. Always good to know beforehand!

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We’re underway in just minutes here. I’ll update again when we’re back up and running. You may see a period with no ‘maintenance mode’ notification so don’t worry if something seems odd until you see an announcement here that we’re finished.

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We’re back up and running! Please let us know if you see anything funky on your dashboard, or have any questions or concerns.


My devices are empty!

Hi developers, my dashboard is blank with a note “no data” and i can’t access my dashboard board. It’s as if I’ve never installed anything. Are you still on schedule down?

Hi @aramilli, @njueric,

No, we’re not still on scheduled downtime but its possible you’ve run into an issue based on today’s update. If you don’t mind, please share your login credentials privately with me by clicking my name on this post, then the blue ‘Message’ button, so I can investigate with our development team tomorrow morning. If you want to reset your password before (and after) sharing, you can use this form.

If you’re not comfortable doing so, no worries, that is OK too. We’ll investigate potential issues related to today’s push in the morning USA time. Thank you for letting us know, and my apologies for the trouble.

Solved, doing logout and login, thank

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My Cayenne app on IOS seems not working. Cant find any device or project. I closed and reopened app, but nothing…
In web i cant see my raspberry? Other devices seems ok.

Edit: Logout helped…

Now only raspberry is offline…

Edit: raspberry is now online…

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Hi @kristo,

Thank you for keeping us updated :slight_smile:



It looks like this was just browser session/cache related. Try logging out, clearing your browser’s cache, and logging back in and you should see your device(s) again.

Wunderful… The service went down when I was just about to test a new device… Though it was me sinking the complete prod environment :slight_smile:

Everything back to normal for me after log out - log in

Good job Cayennes! I love the platform

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Hah, sorry for the scare! Glad the session refresh resolved this for you. If you do run into any trouble you know where to find us :smile:

Had to restart my pi to get it connected again also, but all good !
We can already see some new feature! (nice smooth graphs ;))

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