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I’m building a BBQ controller, and a brewhouse controller shortly after that.

I am also interested in integrating a camera for remote vision and analysis using the python vision engine.

Next up would be gate control, solar system monitoring, pump control, etc.

Is there an Arduino setup how to yet? Would like to create some low power mesh temperature sensors. Maybe even roll my own board.



Looks like you are going to be busy! With time, Cayenne will be able to integrate to Pi Camera or stream video from URL.

Unfortunately, we are still working on Arduino.

We’ve just released the first iteration of our new ‘Projects’ centric dashboard, which I’ll explain in release notes in a little while. Few other bug fixes too.

Cheers right back at you,



I’m working on an irrigation controller, kind of hung up on the scheduling.

I would like to put my outside sensors in a more permanent enclosure and move the RPi outside and do the power via PoE. I have the PoE injector and splitter, just need to repackage.

I don’t think the Arduino integration is quite ready for prime time, I’m sure we will hear about it when it is. I have 2 Uno’s with Ethernet shields waiting for the announcement.

I think there might be some ESP8266 stuff just over the horizon…


Arduino integration will be awesome, but to me, true IoT will be when we have some sort of low power compact mesh network support. Arduino mini is close, but once you add the RF transport, it gets bigger.

I’m envisioning something not much bigger than a CR2032 battery with a small microcontroller, a sensor, battery power, and a mesh transceiver. CC2530 looks pretty good and you can get boards from China with antenna for less than 10 bucks.

Plug one of them into a Pi serial port, and run some code behind to collect data, and boom, you just made a wireless low cost mesh network for pressure, temperature, noise monitoring, entry alarms, etc… and with Cayenne, it’s on the net and pretty looking.


UPDATE: I think we’ve found it in the ESP8266. Search the forum for some great info… like this HowTo → Esp8266 - #20 by kreggly