Cayenne web site problems

Dear users. I’m trying to access the Documents page on the Cayenne web site using an iPad ,Safari or Chrome and when the page appears it is empty and when I tap the screen it appears to be frozen. How Can I access the documents page. Anyone tried to recently
Regards Simon

It is quite heavy I think because of the lots of information. Could you please give it a little to load. It takes more than 5-6 seconds on my personal PC to load using firefox.

This is a known issue with Safari (on both Mac and iOS) and our docs page. In my experience it will eventually load, but it can take 2-3 minutes on iOS devices. I’m guessing you’re seeing the same issue on iOS Chrome since Apple forces all iOS browsers to use the Safari rendering engine on that OS.

Ultimately we’ll improve this by breaking our docs page into sections so it’s not trying to load such a massive amount of data and images at once, sorry for the trouble.

Thank you

No problem, I’ve asked around internally and it looks like we’ll have this updated around the end of this month.

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@swoodhead @ognqn.chikov Just letting you know that we’ve updated our Docs page to load faster. Resolving this topic.


Many thanks

	Simon Woodhead

Thank you Sir!