Documentation web pages don't work correctly on Safari browser/Mac OS X

I am using a mid-2015 Mac Book Pro running Mac OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) and Safari 10.0.2. When I browser to, it displays the top grey bar with Cayenne Docs on the left, but the content pane is empty. If I wait several minutes, it eventually displays the documentation. I have tried this at home and while I was on vacation. Same behavior on both network connections.

One additional ask: Can you make PDF’s of the documentation so that I can work with it off-line … like when I am stuck on an airplane?


Hi George,

This is a known issue that was reported a bit earlier this month as well: Documentation Page Always Blank

Nonetheless thank you for letting us know about it, I hadn’t tried it since the website redesign but that looks like it did not affect this at all. I’ll contact our web team to see what the update is on resolving it. In the meantime, you’ve probably figured it out but I can confirm that Mac Firefox or Chrome both load the page in a more timely manner.

I think I can export the webpage to PDF though, give me a moment to do so and get it hosted for you.

My idea (printing the webpage to PDF) didn’t produce a professional enough result that I really want to host it here, so I’ve asked our Docs maintainer to take a stab at making something that looks a little nicer.

My result wasn’t too bad though, and you can self-help that way, so I think in any modern browser (I can confirm for Safari and Chrome) you can just load the Docs and print to PDF from the File menu until we have something more official put together.