CayenneLpp Digital Output doesn't seem to work?

Hello all…
I am pushing data from TheThingsStack to myCayenne. I have created a button as a digital output on myCayenne. My target device is LoRa-E5 (STM32WLE5). When I push the button in myCayenne and look at the payload on TheThingsStack I get (01 00 64 FF) which I receive on the embedded code. Embedded code (see below) appropriately gets the buffer and turns on the LED. Now when I push the button in myCayenne to off and monitor payload on TheThingsStack I get (01 00 00 FF). However on the embedded side I still get 01??? The code was started using seeed Lora-e5 from a github repo. Can someone tell me what I am missing? It looks to me like I need to flush the appData structure.

Thank you for the help

            case LORAWAN_USER_APP_PORT:
              if (appData->BufferSize == 4)
                AppLedStateOn = appData->Buffer[0] & 0x01;
                if (AppLedStateOn == RESET)
                  APP_LOG(TS_OFF, VLEVEL_H, "LED OFF\r\n");
                  HAL_GPIO_WritePin(LED2_GPIO_Port, LED2_Pin, GPIO_PIN_RESET); /* LED_RED */
                  APP_LOG(TS_OFF, VLEVEL_H, "LED ON\r\n");
                  HAL_GPIO_WritePin(LED2_GPIO_Port, LED2_Pin, GPIO_PIN_SET); /* LED_RED */