Chart is not working

I’m using Arduino Uno and the web app.
I have succesfully connected a temperature sensor to channel 0.
I can see the value, but the graph works only in “Live” mode.
I have 2 widgets:
1 Value widget
1 Chart widget
If I press “Details & chart” on Value widget there is the same problem: no data is displayed.

If I press on “Data” tab I can see that a lot of data are present, so it seems a bug of chart widget.

are you using same channel for both widgets?

yes, I’m using same channel for both widgets.
Problem is present also using only one widget.

you need to remove all widgets added and only use one channel for one widget. If issue is still present, then have you added the correct data type?

I have removed completely all widgets and reinserted only the chart.
Now is working.
Thank you
How I can add a second channel in order to display in a “value widget” the real time value of the same signal?

which device are you using?

I’m using Arduino, but I have understood myself.
I try to describe it so could help somebody else:
When I add a widget, in the channel box I can write the number that I want.
I have just to recall the correct channel number in the arduino software.
Due to under my device was present a “Channel 0” I was thinking that each time I have to add a channel before select it in my widgets.

you can just do a Cayenne.virtualWrite(channel1, value); and Cayenne.virtualWrite(channel2, value);. when the code is uploaded this will auto create the widget, no need to add it from the dashboard. Though you need to use the correct data type.

It was not possible to delete the widget that I have created under my device.
I have completely removed and the readded my device and the widgets.
Now there is a clean and working situation:

those are ghost widget which are added when you dont add a widget properly. You will need to start with a new device again.