Should I be able to use multiple widgets on a single channel?


For example, I have a device sending numeric data to Cayenne on channel 8. I’d like to have a widget that shows the latest value and another widget that is a line chart of past values. Every time I have tried something like this (in the web interface), only the first widget created gets any data. The second widget just sits there, lonely and sad.


no. you can not use single channel for multiple widget.



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Yeah, I’m already doing that. I just wondered if there was a simpler way. After all, this puts the burden on the sensor side when it should only have to worry about simply reporting the numbers.


today we have to do like that. We hope for a next update where we can create several widgets for the same channel.


Agreed use separate channels, if not you will spend forever getting errors of one one sort or another, today I changed my code to multiple channels and it works as it should.

Thanks SuperNinja for help!