Check ethernet connection status


First of all need to Thank you Cayenne guys for this platform to make iot world better and smarter. Would like to check connection status of ethernet board connected to arduino uno. Also chcecking serial print in IDE vs Cayenne dashboard there is mega huge delay for switch status change, e. g. you hit switch ON in dashboard but takes 1-2min to get same reading in arduino serial print. Any idea how to resolve? Btw. pricing is matter of time (all the work spent, sms, etc) any plans on this field you can teell us?


There will always be a bit of a delay due to Cayenne being a cloud environment, but 1 minute does seem to be extensive. Can you post your code?

Cayenne will always be free for makers and developers. There are some paid aspects in the works though. For example,


Thanks for your reply but would need to test new ethernet board as I think
current one is damaged… cannot power it up with 5v phone charger (normaly
it worked).
If issue persists will provide more details. Thx also for good news that
this platform won´t jump to pricing category over the weekend and
stays like it is.
Have moved my project from and as they´re asking some
price but their solution is working only partially.