Combining multiple RPi's into a distributed 'system' within Cayenne


I would like to be able to collect data from multiple RPi’s and be able to send data values to other RPi (s) within Cayenne.

example scenario described here:

The main advantage would be to allow single RPi’s to serve specific, related functions (like collecting temperatures) and using / send data to other RPi’s (like heating controls). This would be especially helpful with RPi’a that are some distance from each other since the cost of additional wiring, range extenders for remote sensors, multiplex, and controls etc to ‘centralize’ a system could be higher than just adding another RPi to serve the local area in a distributed system…


*disclaimer - am a total newbie to all this so not yet flame resistant… :sweat_smile:


The Trigger functions allow you to make decisions on multiple RPi’s data.

You can also use the Project dashboard to display data from multiple RPis.

Note any decisions will need to be made with the decision logic in the triggers.




Thanks Craig, indeed nice to know… just might work out after all! RTFM hint and link appreciated :smile:

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