Comtac CM-1 Sensor in Orbiwise network


Is the Comtac CM-1 not configured for the Orbiwise network? After the add I only see the loacation which I added manually.


:laughing: All I could think about was this video

Jokes aside, google is pretty sparse on both of those topics, might be something to get in contact with Orbiwise about.



@yannik.k it should work if everything was setup correctly, which I suspect not since you are not seeing any data. I’ll have to bring @croczey or @rsiegel to help troubleshoot the issues you are having.


Hi @yannik.k, if you share with me the DevEUI for your CM-1 device I can check our logs to verify if we’re receiving payloads from the device, and if so, how they are being decoded on our end. That would be the best first troubleshooting step.