No dashboard data - Comtac LPN Multisensor 3


Hi All;

I’m struggling to get my Comtac LPN sensors visualized on the Cayenne dashboard. According to my Swisscom ThingPark portal the senor is working fine and transmits 134 packages/day. It looks however that Cayenne does not receives date or cannot interpret. Here are some of the specifics - any support would be greatly appreciated.

Device: Comtac AG LPN Multisensor 3
DevEUI: 70B3D5FFFE0E8F72
ThingPark AS Rounting Link:

DeviceName (on Cayenne): MTI_1032
ThingPark Server (on Cayenne): swisscom-api

Hope to hear back from you.

Thanks – Markus


Hi Markus,

I can confirm that on our end we’re not seeing any payloads received from this DevEUI, so I don’t think its an interpretation/decoder issue. Here are some first troubleshooting steps for the portion leading up to the part where data would hit Cayenne to try:

  1. Make sure the device is properly activated in the Network Server

    DevEUI, AppEUI/AppKey (OTAA), AppSKey/NwkSKey (ABP), and eventually DevAddr, all must match between the device configuration and the network activation.

  2. Check the device battery

  3. Make sure the device is emitting and working properly

    Please check for the device documentation to debug any light on the device itself. Some of them are blinking (either red or green) until they joined the network, and they usually blink with each frame sent.

  4. Check the network server logs

    Most of Network Server UI provide a way to see uplink frames, allowing to debug that the device is properly connected to the network server.

  5. Reset the device

    Remove the battery and put it back to force re-joining the network.

  6. Make sure the forwarding or routing profile to Cayenne is well configured.

    This is done on the Network Server configuration. Check Cayenne documentation for more information and some hints.

  7. Make sure you selected the right Network in Cayenne

    For each device added, we expect to receive data from the selected network server.

For the last one, is this device on Swisscom or Actility? (maybe they have some relationship together that I’m not aware of?). We have a separate entry in our device add process for Swisscom network devices.



Thank you for your feedback. To all your suggestions, this ans another sensor sensor is up an running fine. See enclosed screen dump.

The two areas I’m converned about is …

Is this Correct??? ThingPark AS Rounting Link:
Is this Correct??? ThingPark Server (on Cayenne): swisscom-api

Thanks for the “Swisscom” entry; I will check.

Cheers - Markus


And here a detailled data dump of MTI_1032…


Matches what I have in our documentation, I believe this is correct.

What our system is looking for here is called your ThingPark DX Profile, which is generally your domain with -api appended, without the part.

So if your domain is, then I’d expect swisscom-api is likely correct. Actility should be able to confirm on their end what your ThingPark DX Profile name is. At the time of this post I can see that server is returning a 503 error – maybe that could be part of why we’re not seeing the data on our end?

Also tagging @croczey and @eptak here to see if they see a clue that I’m missing here.


Hi there,

I checked on our side and looks we never received any data for that DevEUI.
I would recommend to double check the Routing Profile configuration chain in the ThingPark Device Manager, and make sure the right Routing Profile is selected in the Device configuration.

Then, depending on what network you select (Actility or Swisscom), the forwarding URL is different.
Actility =>
Swisscom =>




Thank you for your feedback. I loaded the suggested Swisscom =>

in the ASRP. See enclosed screen dumps.

Can you please recheck if data from this DevEUI are being received.

Thanks a lot.

Cheers - Markus


I’m not seeing data stream up to us for that DevEUI.
Could you please check the network config for the device. You should have the selected Routing Profile. Please make sure “Swisscom to Cayenne” is properly selected.


#9 @eptak;

I did double checked functionality. On my logger I have the data and the routing profile is set as you have suggested.

See enclosed screen dump.

Cheers - Markus


Hello mti, do you have finally get it works ?
I’m currently trying to make it works with on a Swisscom too.

Cheers, Xav.