Connecting of device

Please, I can’t connect my arduino and ethernet shield HR911105A device to your platform. The process blocks at 3th step.
Thank you.

Hi @bumbafidele, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Which connectivity sketch are you attempting to use with this shield? The ‘HR911105A’ refers to the model number of the socket, which doesn’t matter, but you do need to have the correct sketch for your shield.

The square black chip in the center should show the shield’s model number so you can make sure you’re selecting the correct sketch:

Thank you for your answer,
I have found that my device is W5100. Unfortnatly the issue is not resolved
until now. In attachment the response of my serial monitor. Please I need

That “DHCP Failed!” message means that your Arduino is unable to receive an IP address from the router on your network. I made up a big post of reasons that we’ve run into where users have seen this error some time ago. I’d start there and step through each of these issues to rule them out or see if they help.