Problem with Arduino Wifi shield and Mega


Problems connecting Arduino Mega (also tried with Arduino Uno) with WIFI Shield to Cayenne. Serial monitor responds with
[842] Connecting to BTHub5-FKH8
[10430] My IP:
[10431] state 0,tconn 0
[10431] Connecting to;8442
[21472] Connect failure
[21473] state 0,tconn 0
[21474] Connecting to;8442
[31511] Connect failure
[31511] state 0,tconn 0
I have tried changing #define CAYENNE_DOMAIN “” to the #CAYENNE_DOMAIN “” as seen in another post, to no effect so reverted back to the original
Arduino Uno and Mega both R3. WIFI shield R3 bought from a reliable UK supplier sticker has numbers "90-A2-DA-OE-92-EC"
I have successfully connected to Cayenne with an ESP 12 and an Ethernet on the Uno, both connected without problems.
I have run successfully the three WIFI shield demo programs from the Arduino site that connect to my hub and reports signal strength etc.
I have downloaded and installed the latest Arduino IDE I believe version 1.8.3.
I have tried two different computers to upload to the Arduino’s and Cayenne neither connected to Cayenne but both programmed the Arduino’s.
I have tried an external 12V power supply.
I have tried port forwarding on my router of IP 73 to 8442 and also 8442 to 73.
I have read that many posts that I feel I am going around in circles. Nothing seems to connect the WIFI shield to Cayenne.
Any guidance would be most welcomed. Brian UK


Is your wifi shield setup with serial AT firmware or is it nodemcu? Could be the problem. I had this problem before until I uploaded the AT firmware set. If you need to change firmware then search topic plcduino, @kreggly solved the problem and gave great instruction for firmware change at least for the firmware uploader and where to find he AT firmware set on github.


Thanks for help, uploaded new command set to WIFI shield and works perfectly. One note is to make sure to have the correct file for the size of memory on the shield, mine was 1256 and a lot of internet examples have a different value. Thanks again. Brian UK


Always glad to help!

William Philippines