Controlling a VFD using a potentiometer

I am using an Iboard Pro (ATMEGA2560) with ethernet connection to control a VFD connected to a small induction motor through MODBUS commands. I am also simulating an analog sensor by using a NodeMCU ESP-12E with a potentiometer as input.

I’m mostly using the Web platform but have also used the Android App.

I can successfully turn on and off the VFD with a two-state widget, and can also control the speed with a slider widget. I am also able to send an analog input using a potentiometer and the ESP-12E, the values range from 0 to 100. The problem is when I try to use Triggers to adjust the speed of the motor according to the value read by the ESP-12E.

I tried using one single trigger to make the speed of the motor 100% when the value of the potentiometer was below 20. However, it will still send the motor to full speed even when the analog value read is more than 20. If I use two triggers it’s worse, since it will always perform both actions, as if they were always true. This is the Trigger settings.

have a look at this topic Sending MQTT messages within notification limit

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Thank you, this solved the issue. I followed that code and just adapted it to have multiple triggers. I just added one boolean for every trigger I wanted.

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