Multiple events with one trigger?

This may sound easy, but I can’t find a way to do it.

I have a DC irrigation valve the requires a +12 VDC pulse to turn it on and a -12 VDC pulse to turn it off. Once on or off, no voltage is needed to maintain that state. I’ve got a relay board setup to send the voltage and a python script that changes the state on two Raspberry Pi GPIO pins to control the valve.

Here’s what I want to do: Put a virtual button on Cayenne that when pressed changes the state of TWO I/O pins instead of just one. Is that possible?


What if you used a virtual pin and then set in your code to check said pin in your loop or every1 sec or so. Then, when that virtual function is called, just execute whatever you want inside that function.


Create a button and assign it to some pin you not using as your main button, then add your two buttnos or whatever you both want controlled. Then in cayenne, setup a trigger for the main button that when pressed, triggers the two other buttons HIGH.

is that what you mean or did I miss it?

I think you get the main idea. I want a “button” on the Cayenne page that
when pressed toggles the state of two GPIO pins on my Raspberry Pi. Is
that clearer?

Sure, you will just need to set up a generic digital actuator. Through the menu click Add New>Device/Widget>Actuator>Generic>Digital Output.