Trigger disable other actuator


I have 3 actuators (digital output buttons), and 2 triggers.

the triggers are like this:

if Raspberry Pi actuator 1 is pressed then actuator 2 = 0
if Raspberry Pi actuator 1 is pressed then actuator 3 = 0

Its supposed to set the buttons 2 and 3 to zero if i set the first one to 1, but nothing is happening.
tried to do it with a notification, that works like a charm…

what is wrong?

thank you


hi @sharkyenergy,

We do not have ability to use the same ‘if’ for multiple actions. So your two statements are sort of canceling each other out. Can you delete one of them and see if it works?



yep it works… thats no good news for my project… Is there a way around this?

I have these 3 buttons and need only one to be active at any given time… if I enable one, then the others should be disabled… Thank you


Unfortunately the triggers can’t handle this yet. you can still do this with Cayenne, but you will have to use the MQTT API and code this logic yourself. If you need any help post the code you have so far and we’ll see what we can do to get you going.