Controllino MAXI Automation relay switch for 3 cables

I have a Controllino MAXI Automation connected to Cayenne MQTT and it works great so far.
I use it to open and close 5 different Garage ports (Crawford port)

Now I want to program a relay switch that connects 3 cables at the same time.
On my Controllino is all R0 - R9 used now for other function.

So i Also need to use/readress the digital outputs (D0, D1, D2, etc)

It should be Potential Free (No V on the outputs)

If i can solve this then i can change the ON/OFF settings for automatic closing on the garage door.

i did not understand what you are trying to do here.


what is the image about?

A relay switch normaly connects 2 cables.

I want to connect 3 cables at one point

okay. so you want to control a relay which has 3 inputs. can you provide the link to this relay.

I dont know if it is possible to to it on a Controllino or if i need some third part product to be able to make it.

do you have a link to the relay, so I can look at whether it is possible or not.

Maybe I’m just not understanding you, but you should be able to just splice all three wires together and hook up that 1 wire to the relay.

Hi Jonas76. I am connecting one Controllino Maxi to Cayenne trought Ethernet but it doesn´t work. I am using library CayenneMQTTEthernet.h but after get the MAC it return error “DCHP failed, Retraying”. Can you help me ?

You can use one relay with multiple vias. For example one of 4 vias. All of them will connect when it be activated.

can you try this code Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino/ManualConnection.ino at master · myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino · GitHub and set all the values manually.