Controllino maxi Ethernet

Trying to get Cayenne running on a Controllino Maxi - everything Ive read says it “just works” but all I get is DHCP FAILED messages (and yes DHCP is ON - every other device gets an address just fine)
Any other Controllino users got any hints?

try using the manual connection examples.

I’ll give that a try but i think its something to do with the Controllino and the Ethernet library not working togther as they should. They are supposed to be equivalent to an Arduino and WizNet5100 based shield but it looks like something might need tweaking!

Nope - doesnt work (IP was set as in the code)

[300] IP:
[301] Connecting to
[308] Network connect failed

Looks like there is an issue with ethernet library or cayenneMQTT library and these devices - further investigation required by the look :confused:

can you try any other code than cayenne and see if it is an error with the hardware itself.

@tim2 are you using pins 10-13? They are reserved for the Ethernet shield. Also, your sketch would be helpful to see.

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Fresh Arduino install, fresh libraries on a fresh computer and its working
Something with the Ethernet libraries I’m running on my other machines (which work fine on Std arduino boards and sheilds but NOT on the Controllino!) must be different or have been modified - I’ll have to dig deeper and work out what it is!
Sorry for the hassles!

I have a new issue now tho - the device is now listed in my account and has the default uptime counter running from the connection example but it wont let me add anything the dashboard! The device is NOT listed when i try and add any sensor or actuator!

For Arduino MQTT connections there are 2 ways. You must add a generic widget, or the better way is let the code create the widget. Can you post your code?

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Going with option 2 - thanks - brain got kerfuzzled on the ethernet issue and i kinda forgot how the MQTT bit created its own widgets…