Convert general widget to specific type

when sending rewrite(…) function on node.js client,

the dashboard shows a general widget, it will be good to:
a.change the general widget to specific widget
b.send in the rawrite the type of widget that should be created

Hi @bennaim.lior,

You should be able to change your widget settings on the dashboard to any of the available widgets. For example a value widget, slider widget, or history graph. Does this help?


hi @bestes

thnx for the quick reply,

as you can see there is no option to change the widget type (because this widget was created “on the fly”).

my device sent some data from an unknown channel and the widget was created automatically

here is my node js code that I used to send data

cayenneClient.rawWrite(9, 1, “digital”, “d”);

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I also saw this when I was working on the PiFace.