Add a new widget for an existing device?

Hi all,

Just installed Cayenne on Rpi2…

All basics reporting (Ram, CPU,Storage).

Android app shows CPU temp, but web UI doesnt,

For a test, I’d like to add a second widget for CPU temp, namely a line chart.

When adding a new widget, I can seemingly only select a new device, or a custom widget.

Custom widgets seem to want a script for an arduino?

How do I create a new widget, from a device that’s already there, in this case the RPI2’s cpu temp?

THX :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the CPU temp isn’t available on the web dashboard, so the Android app will be the only place you can see it. It looks like you have the right process for creating widgets, it’s just not available. Does that answer your question?

Hi @cy80rg,

You should be able to see the Raspberry Pi CPU widget on the Web Dashboard itself. Here is a fresh install I just did with a Raspberry Pi 2, never involved the Android or iOS apps with it:

If you create a new Project with Add New > Project or the + tab at the top, you can also add the Pi CPU widget there by dragging it from the left sidebar. There is a line graph already built into that widget that you can view by clicking the gear icon on it.

Those default Pi RAM/CPU/Disk widgets do have some different behavior than our typical actuator/sensor type widgets though – I don’t think there is currently a way to make make them from scratch.

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Thanks all,

Got it working in the end, now have an RPI2 running 2 x DS18B20 and an channel relay that I intend to use for aquarium control (that said, now I have PoC with the Pi, looking to move this to a Nano + ESP8266, but that’s another story :wink: ).

One thing I will say, when i was detecting and naming all 8 of the relay channels, the Cayenne Web UI did have a “funny few minutes”, where it would forget what I’d called them, and then suddenly decide they should have other icons rather than the “light bulb” I assigned them.

Have found the Web UI a bit of a pain, the “intelligent” positioning is rather odd and limiting, but small issue vs the value of Cayenne.

Glad to hear it – would love to see a picture of the Aquarium when you’re finished. Appreciate the feedback re: the web UI, I’m sure there are still bugs in there to squash. I’ll play with a relay soon and see if I can reproduce them.

The icon changing / name dissapearing seemed to calm down (stay fixed) after a while… odd :slight_smile:

Love Cayenne btw, opens up so many of my ideas for IoT, without the messing around with coding!

(I did try the ubiquitous “wifi temp sensor on Arduino and Esp8266” in the past, but couldnt get a damn thing to work, so gave up :wink: ).

FYI, posted a minor bug report re device status on the other thread.

The simplicity of Cayenne has re-sparked my interest in this, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @cy80rg,

CPU temp widget has been added to the web dashboard. You’ll need to ‘reset’ your dashboard if trying to view the widget on an existing Pi. Newly installed Pi’s will automatically have the widget.