Create Cayenne Documentation

I just got on started… got my Pi installed easily and can do remote desktop. Looks good so far. I’m interested hooking up a water meter app to the dashboard… its fun to see my GPIO pin bounce between low and high.

I don’t see any documentation… am I missing something?

Hi Tom,

Welcome! Unfortunately, our documentation is still being written. We will have extensive documentation for Cayenne though. Since we are still in ‘Beta’ mode, there’s some things (like documentation) that just haven’t been created yet.

Great to hear you didn’t run into any issues getting started. That should be possible, if not now then eventually. How is your water meter configured with your Raspberry Pi?


A few provisional setting up devices and getting started vids would be great…
Note the above ‘fun aspect’ of watching Real stuff change state from the virtual world really is the hook… I agree and enjoy this aspect myself and just the buzz and energy of this stuff is quite fun and ‘addictive’
~ Andrew

@picaxe @munnecke We have provided documentation and some videos on the forum…check em out!


Thanks :slightly_smiling:
~ A

Hello there,
I’m also interested in having a techniqcal documentation about how to create/implement new modules.
I’ve created a small project to monitor my Pi (here it is and I’d like to add the features I implemented on mydevice.