Current time from Cayenne for Arduino?

Hi - Does anyone know of a command or routine I can add to my Ardiono sketch to get the current time from Cayenne?

My Arduono UNO board is connected to the internet/Cayenne through a USB serial connection. So, I am looking for a way to get the current time automatically from Cayenne to set an Ardiono clock.

Any suggestions welcome.


You can get the time from How to make Arduino sync time from internet - Networking, Protocols, and Devices - Arduino Forum
Though using USB serial connection is not the best way to go.

Hi Shramik - Thanks for the suggestion! I have been able to run other sketches to get the time from the PC/Internet like that thread suggested. The challenge is that those only work when I am not also connected using Cayenne.

The challenge I have is when my Arduino to PC USB Serial connection is dedicated to connecting to Cayenne.

This is why I am hoping there is some way to get the current time through the Cayenne connection.

Again, thanks for the suggestion! There were some tips in there I had not seen before.

you cannot get the time from cayenne onto your device.

Ok, thanks Shramik! I’ll be ordering a WiFi module soon to connect that way and get the time direct from the internet.

That’s the best way to do it. Also connecting to cayenne with wifi is preferable.
Which wifi module have you ordered?

Thanks again Shramik. I am getting an ESP8266 development board as it has WiFi built in and looked like it’s cost to me was about the same as a stand alone WiFi shield.

great choice.