Custom widget icons & floor layout view



I really like the app however , I feel it would be a lot better if there’s an option to customise your widget buttons and hav a drop down box so you can upload a picture to your buttons and gauges etc :slight_smile: also the ability to draw a plan or upload a plan of your house etc and drop sensors and buttons in the layout of the location of lights , switches sensors


Hi John,

Very cool idea!

  • These would be images that basically take the place of the icons that we provide?
  • My assumption here is that you’d be able to control the widgets to turn on/off whatever is connected on this ‘layout view’.



Yes , exactly the opportunity to change the icon buttons , this would be good for appliances and equipment attached to the output for a more custom button .

Being able to upload a floor plan or draw a floor plan would be really cool and locate sensors and switches in the actual place here’s an example